Property Investment

When most people select a property investment, they typically make the decision based on where they’d like to live, in other words – emotion. Whilst this may be the perfect option for their family home, it may not be the most effective option for future growth in value.

At Brenley Property Group, we have made it our mission to help combat this problem by offering property education, backed by our years of experience in the property market. When we help our clients select a property, it must meet a strict set of guidelines. Brenley Property Group is renowned for selecting property offering high rental yields and/or capital appreciation. We specialise in showing our clients how to grow their portfolio as fast as possible. Contact us today for an obligation free quote regarding this service!

Some of the key elements we consider and tasks we undertake before selecting a property:

Research market and trends – Demographics, household income
Supply and demand – both for sale and for rent
Location to Infrastructure – Schools, Shops, Transport & Facilities
Dwelling design – Functionality of a property is key
Price present and past – indication of future capital appreciation

Property Development & Construction

Have you always wanted to get into Property Development, however you just don’t know where to get started?

With Brenley Property Groups experience, we now offer complete Property Development & Construction services. With this system we’re able to show you real profits in the short term, rather than the buy and hold strategy.

Whether you already have a property you would like to develop or you’re interested in getting into the market – we can help you! We can take you from site identification & acquisition through to design, town-planning & development approval and even construction. Further to this, with our project marketing services, we are a one stop shop for Property Development!

Key Services:

  • Complete Project Management
  • Site identification & Acquisition
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design and planning
  • Town-planning and Engineering
  • Construction
  • Project Marketing