Ryan Gu

Property Consultant

A little about me

Being born and raised in China, Ryan has a strong bond with Asian culture, values and the people. His lust for knowledge saw him move to Australia to undertake a University Degree. After successfully acquiring a Master’s Degree in International Business and a Post-graduate Degree in Interpretation (Chinese and English) at the University of Queensland, he was employed by the world’s largest Shipping Company. Even though his high performance has earned him a role looking after some of the company’s Key Accounts, Ryan gradually realised Shipping was not a career he felt passionate in.

Due to Ryan’s strong sense of market trends, combined with his in depth knowledge in business and economics, he naturally became the go-to guy when his friends and colleagues needed advice in investing. After guiding a colleague purchase her first property, Ryan found he greatly enjoyed analysing the property market, finding the pros and cons of different properties. More importantly, for the first time, he felt his natural calling, the passion of helping others to make the best business decisions. Shortly after, Ryan left the Shipping Company and leaped into the property industry.

Working with one of Australia’s largest Property advisory companies, he was able to gain valuable knowledge in the Property market and provided many happy customers with viable investment options. A decision to get involved at a development level saw Ryan make a move over to Project Marketing. Here he was able to gain in-depth knowledge of the development industry from the ground up through to construction and marketing.

All of Ryan’s clients appreciate his honesty, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to help. His open and easy-going personality makes every conversation a pleasant experience; meanwhile his highly analytical mind working with his profound market knowledge has enabled him to provide sound purchase and Property advice.


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